How has technology changed your life?

When I started my business in 2001, social networking hadn’t hit the masses, blogging was not yet a word, Google was the up and coming search engine. That seems a lifetime ago! Here’s a wonderful byproduct of the technology we have available today. I discovered I love to write. Me, the visual, the person who likes to talk and kinesthetically experience life. How odd is that?

It can’t be that I suddenly learned to write, or took a class, or studied the subject, I just begin writing blog posts and monthly eZines, and articles, and now I’m published in three books! And through writing, I have discovered a new passion in my life. How cool is that?

I’m curious, what discoveries or new-found talents have been revealed to you because of technology? Are you surprised? How are you using these new talents?

Life is such an adventure – we just never know what might be discovered – or what we may discover about ourselves.

Creatively transforming your thinking, your business and your life…
Susan Bock
Transformational Speaker and Coach

Author: Susan Bock

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