How do you know when your intuition is talking to you?

This is a question that many clients ask me or struggle within themselves to find the answer. It’s tough because we are so accustomed to listening to the running dialogue in our head that keeps going 24/7.  How do we turn it off so we can tune into our intuition?

Here are a few discoveries I’ve made on my path to hearing what’s important:

  1. If it’s a message that’s run through my mind on several occasions, it’s not my intuition. It’s my inner critic, judge or the indulged 3-year-old who is demanding attention.
  2. If I feel the message, it is my intuition. I typically feel in my torso or chest.
  3. If the message is a warning, pay attention. It could be your intuition, or it could be your comfort zone feeling threatened or fearful. Ask yourself: Is this coming from fear or from safety?

Getting in touch with our intuition is not easy – it’s been ignored, discounted and even shut out of our decision-making process. It’s not logical, provable, or even definable.

And yet, it is our most ardent fan and a gift unlike any other. Access it frequently: Ask your intuition questions; have a conversation with your intuition. Sound too woo-woo for you? Just try it, then sit back and listen – quietly, openly and with appreciation.  What have you go to lose?  What could you gain?

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Quote to ponder:

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Albert Einstein


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Question to Ponder:

How has your intuition attempted to get your attention?



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