How Can Your ABCs Help You?

Last week’s blog centered around A to Z exercises. If you missed it, you can check it out here . This week’s blog is still alphabet concentric with my version of ABCs.

It was time to do battle – it was war. Selecting the two weapons essential for victory, failure was not an option. My left hand grasped the magnifying mirror (that in itself is sufficient to bring the strongest woman to her knees!) and clasped in my right hand? The very best tweezers money can buy – dipped in pink to soften the look.

The tender, soft translucent peach fuzz on my chin had been replaced with whiskers – dark and coarse without a shred of decency. The whimpering I heard was mine – age was upon me!!

Armed and ready, the battle begins with a vengeance. Mantras of “I can do this” and “I can endure” soon led to whimpering and doubt leading to a bloody and painful last stand.

Enough! I moaned. Time to bring out the big guns – laser hair removal was just a phone call away. In a few short treatments, victory was at hand!

The moral of the story? I was not going to play the usual game – I changed the rules! My new mantra? A B C Always Be Creative.

What are the whiskers you are dealing with? Have you recently faced a challenge in your business or life? That you want to just walk away from? That you don’t know how to resolve? Is there a different way of thinking about this issue that can help you come up with a resolution? Well, I encourage you to think about the A B C of it. Let me know what happens!

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