Embrace the season and live in the moment

I absolutely love this time of year – the cool weather, crisp air, the fall colors!  I was really getting into it a few weekends ago, when I was walking the mall.  The window displays were so pretty and warm.

I strolled into one store and stopped mid-aisle!  I could not believe what I was seeing – Christmas decorations!  Hold the bus – I’m not ready yet for Christmas – there’s three months of other holidays before then!

Fall tree from treelink.org

The thought occurred to me ‘how much of our life do we live in anticipation of the future?’  Let me be clear, I’m all for planning; in fact, it is essential if we want our future to be of our design rather than ‘inherited’.  However, does that preclude us from enjoying the moment, the present, the right now?

It doesn’t have to – it is our choice.  I chose to leave that store and enjoy the fall décor. After all, it is my life! And there is so much more fall to be enjoyed.

What are you missing by not paying attention to today? Is it a kind word someone says to you, an offer that is extended for today only, a chance to connect with a friend? Whatever it is, stop and take a breath, live in this moment, right now, and soak in all that the world is offering you.

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Author: Susan Bock

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