Ego – Edges Growth Out

When you do a search on EGO in Google, the results are about 147,000,000 items in 0.17 seconds.  That’s fast and that’s a really big number. The scientists, psychiatrists and the like have been researching, studying and writing about EGO for decades even centuries.  There’s a plethora of aspects, opinions and positions on ego – all worthy and not what this is about!

Let’s take a look at one aspect of ego that hasn’t been give much attention.  I like this acronym for EGO – Edges Growth Out.  Why?  Our ego likes to keep us safe, protected, out of harm’s way.  In a way, our ego creates the boundaries for our comfort zone.  When we are safe within the confines of our comfort zone, our ego is very happy and content.

When we start to push the edge, break free of the confines, our ego begins to rear up and want to slam on the brakes.  This is not to say we should ignore the warning signals.  There are circumstances and situations when our ego severs a very useful purpose – and to avoid or disregard the ego puts us in danger.

And, there are times when it is in our best interest to grow beyond who we are, what we are comfortable with.  That’s when our ego may not serve us well.  Another way to think of this is ego is a form of resistance that wants things to stay just as they are – no change, nothing to create discontent or discord, judgment criticism.  Resistance/ego – loves the status quo.

If you have bumped into your “oh no, don’t change – status quo ego”, you might want to try this next time.

  1. You’re faced with a situation that requires a decision and you haven’t been able to make a decision (procrastination and indecisiveness are other forms of how resistance can appear in our lives).  The usual decision/making process just isn’t working for you.
  2. Think of someone you admire, respect, and ask yourself this question: who would so-and-so go about reaching a decision. Or try this, if you were an investigative reporter, what action would you take?  OR how about this.  If I knew the answer could change next week, what would I do today?
  3. By asking these questions, you’re expanding your thinking beyond your traditional thought-processes.  It opens your thinking to creative, pathways that can lead you to a solution/answer quickly and with less anxiety.

Lastly, I invite you to be patience with yourself.  Be patient with yourself.  You have every answer you need to succeed.  The key is in asking the questions!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Author: Susan Bock

Susan Bock, Specialist for Women over 50 who want more out life, love and business!

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  • Love the article and the way you write!!! Great way to think about what is really going on when we are faced with change. Thank you!