Do You Want To Turn Your Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones? – Part 1

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We stumbled when we learned to walk; we took some spills learning to ride a bike, roller skate and ski. Each time, we got up and tried again until we mastered the skill. Living a rich, fulfilling life also involves stumbling blocks. Unfortunately, sometimes we stop getting up and give in to doubts, fears and limiting beliefs.

In this two-part post, we start with some questions to determine just where you are in your life’s journey. (I openly admit to being a self-assessment junkie – check out my collection at In the next post, I’ll share suggestions for turning your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Let’s face it: We all could use some help on this journey!


Do you often find yourself settling for less than you want/need/deserve?         YES     NO

Are you waiting for something else to happen?                                                               YES     NO

Do you find it easy to shut down around people?                                                           YES     NO

Do you frequently doubt yourself?                                                                                       YES     NO

Are you uncomfortable saying no to people?                                                                  YES     NO

Do you second-guess your decisions?                                                                                 YES     NO

Do you frequently seek approval from others?                                                               YES     NO

Do you consider yourself a people pleaser?                                                                     YES     NO

Do you constantly have your guard up?                                                                            YES     NO

Are you naturally untrusting of others?                                                                             YES     NO

Do you feel unfulfilled in life? Relationships? Work?                                                     YES     NO

Are the needs of others more important than your needs?                                       YES     NO

Are you waiting for something to change so you can be happy?                             YES     NO

Are you burdened with what others think you should do?                                         YES     NO

Do you find it easier to do it yourself than ask for help?                                              YES     NO

Do you justify giving up on your dreams by saying your life could be worse?   YES     NO

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“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Christopher Reeves


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Question to Ponder: Were you surprised by any of your answers? If so, why?



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