Defining Words, Defining Moments

For those of you who follow me, you know I’m a proponent of knowing the meaning of words and using accurate words in conversation. For example – I wrote a blog some time back on Can’t vs. Won’t. Can’t meaning unable, not having the skill or ability. Won’t meaning I can do it and I choose not to. Big difference in that ‘can’t’ carries the message of ‘lack’, and ‘won’t’ implies I have the ability, I just don’t want to do it….whatever it is! When I realized the frequency I used ‘can’t’ when the truth for me was ‘won’t’, the mental doors cracked open sufficiently to let the light in – the light being I was making choices rather than being defined by inability.

Understanding the meaning paves the way for us to communicate more effectively with ourselves as well as one another. Bottom line, it improves relationships, and that’s a good thing!

Here another example for me when defining the words became a defining moment in my life. Most of my life, I described myself as a coward because fear was my constant companion. With fear ever present, I decided I must be a coward. When I learned the definition of courage was to acknowledge the presence of fear and take action anyway, it became a defining moment in my life – no longer did I have to call myself a coward – I could now acknowledge the fear and take action, which made me courageous.

More defining moments are waiting!

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