Conversations That Count

Conversations That Count

Guidebook and mp3

To experience different results, we need to ask different questions. In this self-paced program, I guide you to ask different questions, get comfortable with not having the answer on demand, and navigate through doubt, uncertainty and yes, even resistance.

Conversations That Count consists of a guidebook and mp3 where I coach you every step of the way on your journey inward to unite, connect and embrace your soul.

In today’s hectic world, where so many things seem out of control, it is more important than ever for you to establish a strong, sustainable connection with your soul.

It’s what will sustain you and carry you from merely surviving to THRIVING!!!

You will gain the tools and confidence to stand strong in your relationships,
your life and your world.
It’s time to share your soulful self with the world!

Christina H

It was you that introduced me to the power of self-discovery.  Thank you.  It has changed my life.


Christina Haarkenson: Business owner, wife, mother


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