Coach, Advisor, Mentor, Guide – I’ve been called all of these. This I know for sure; whatever you choose to call me, every woman I’ve had the pleasure of supporting has made massive shifts in her beliefs, her business and her life. Check out some of their feedback on this page.

I look forward to connecting with you so that you can have what I’ve achieved and that is to make experiencing life the priority and structuring my business to support the life and lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of enjoying.

The world is waiting for you – are you ready step up, step out and step into your completeness and so you can start sharing your gifts, talents and wonderfully quirky self? I sure hope so because your world, however big or small, needs what you have to offer!

There are several ways you can connect with me – please choose the option below that offers the results you desire:

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Other options:

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You don’t have to spend another day wishing things were different. Today, right now you can take the first step to explore, expand and enrich your life and your business.

I look forward to making your business work for you!

Sonia J.

I came to Susan at a time when I knew I needed a breakthrough. All the recent changes in the economy and in my business caused me to re-evaluate and look for a better way to make some new choices. I wasn’t sure how Susan would help me get there, however, I knew of Susan’s past successes and track record. I knew that if she chose some tool or process it would be effective.

Sonia J.
CEO and aspiring author

I think Susan is amazing and her one-on-one is really key. It is better than any therapy I have gotten and she gets to the core of things pretty quick. I have found that I have reprogrammed my brain and have created new beliefs because the old ones were holding me back. It takes a while for it to change and when it does, amazing things happen.

Yvonne DeSollar