Claim 2014 For You!

When Does Your Brilliance Emerge?

For me, it often occurs when I’m taking a shower.  I have 2 types of showers – the power shower which is the fast-as-you-can in and out.  This is for the days that are action-packed beginning to end. It’s fast, just the basics, and not much time for brilliance!

The second type is the priority shower….and this is where my brilliance often emerges!  Starting with the shampoo, then the 5-minute conditioner for the hair.  Next, the gentle face exfoliator and the body scrub.  Shaving is next and then one more light soaping which concludes with a long, lingering rinse. The ultimate priority shower is with a new body scrub, new razor and warm, fresh towels.  Ahhh, nirvana.

Earlier this week I had a moment of brilliance in my priority shower.  Actually, it was several moments of brilliance that started with a question – why is my priority shower so cherished?  The answer came in a flash – because I am the priority. For approximately 10 minutes, I am the recipient of my energy, effort, attention and actions.  When I step out of the shower and wrap up in the soft, fluffy towels, I hear myself say, “That feels so good!”

Okay, you know more about my showering methods than you ever needed or wanted! Thank you for staying with me because now it’s your turn.  Using the priority shower as a metaphor:

  • Can you imagine what a relief it be to exfoliate your limited thinking?
  • Can you imagine how freeing it would be to scrub and cleanse those self-defeating, self-sabotaging behaviors from your future?
  • Can you feel the wonderful sense of warmth, well-being and appreciation when you look back on 2014 in amazement at what you’ve accomplished?

The next email you receive from me will be an invitation for you to make you a priority for 2014 After all, it is your life and your future. Just think about it – what could you achieve, what goals would you set, what aspirations and dreams could you bring to life if you were the priority?

Aren’t you curious?  Wouldn’t you like to turn your ideal into real?

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