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What do you want in 2017?

When I asked some of my clients this question, they responded with; “I want my life to be easier – struggle less and love more.” “Anything will be better than 2016!” “I’d like to dump the belief that what I want is less important than what others want… I think that means I’d like to […]

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Is complaining contagious?

Roxi G. loves to whine, complain and grouse about what’s wrong with her life, her work, where she lives, her lack of relationships, her family – you name it, and she can launch into a diatribe. Her friends began matching her whine for whine – how bad the food was at lunch or how so-and-so […]

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Reinvention is a Necessity

The expression “Necessity is the mother of invention” has been around forever. I’m exercising some creative license in this post to paraphrase the statement so that it reinforces one of my foundational beliefs: Reinvention is a necessity. When I turned 50, I left my corporate career and embarked on the magic carpet ride of being […]

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