Can I have it all?

Happy WomanI used to think that was not possible, then I began to realize that perhaps it was possible.  Here’s the key.  I learned that yes, I can have it all, I don’t have to do it all!    By delegating, hiring, or eliminating the time-consuming activities that I don’t like or am lousy at, my time is freed up to spend in income-generating, productive, satisfying efforts.  And that feels great!

Once I came to this realization and crushed the thinking that I had to do it all, my life became so much simpler, less stressed and I was so much happier.

Here are a few examples:

Love to garden, hate to mow the grass? Hire someone to do the mowing.
Result: gain a productive hour, save your manicure and eliminate grass-stained shoes!

Not a whiz at accounting?  Hire someone who is.
Result: it will be done in half the time it takes you and your making someone else very happy by giving them the opportunity to do something they love to do!

Don’t like the admin work?  Hire a VA
Result: reduced frustration, mistakes, and oversights and you can spend that time generating income, making you feel good about your self and much more pleasant to be around!

Don’t like to cook? In one afternoon, prepare several meals for the week.  Intersperse with home delivery meals such as Susan’s Healthy Gourmet.
Result: significantly leas whining and complaining, variety of foods, use the magic microwave!

If house cleaning isn’t your thing, hire it done.
Result: a clean house you can enjoy and a vastly improved disposition for your loved ones!

 Add up all the time you spend doing things you don’t enjoy or that drain your energy, and that includes the time you spend thinking about what has to be done! What could you do with that time that generates income, feeds your soul, or take care of yourself?



Every day you have a choice …
You can rise and shine or you can rise and whine!


Do you ever tire of hearing how wonderful and special you are? What a marvelous contribution you make to the world?  The joy and happiness you so openly share with those around you?  If you knew you were going to hear praise, appreciation, and encouragement on a daily basis, would you be more willing to rise and shine?

Are you answering the question with a resounding YES!?  If so, then here’s the next question.  Who can give your that encouragement on a daily basis?  Who knows what you need to be inspired, motivated and ambitious?  Who can give you the willingness to shift into action when you’re stuck?  Each of these questions has the same answer – you.

Finding what we need the most resides within each of us.  Happiness, contentment, success, inspiration, the list goes on and on.  When we find the source on the inside, we are no longer dependent upon seeking it from somewhere else, someone else or something else.

It’s your choice – You can rise and shine or you can rise and whine!  It’s an inside job!



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Author: Susan Bock

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