Book Susan Bock and Make Your Next Event Unforgettable!

When Susan takes the stage at your next event, you’ll know you made the right choice within 60 seconds. An energetic and intense presenter, Susan engages her audiences fully – laughter, tears, mental pictures, and self-revealing antidotes are all in store, regardless of the event.

Now a successful author and coach, Susan’s inner journey from self-made to crash and burn to reinvented connects strongly with audiences. Her life-experience, life-lessons, and yes, even a few life-mistakes find their way into her presentations – she’s real enough to believe while her inspiring story and delivery sparks listeners to seek out their personal soulful connection and live their life ‘on purpose’.

Women, old and young all benefit from her enthusiasm and wisdom. A pro in every way, Susan will leave your audience wanting more – and not just more of Susan, but more energy, more passion, more life.

Each time Susan takes the stage she honors these 3 commitments:

  • To open the door of possibilities for your future;
  • To introduce each person to their soulful self;
  • To gain an entirely new perspective about who you are and what marvelous gifts you have to share with the world.

Susan is available for speaking engagements with associations, organizations, public seminars and events and industry-specific keynotes and breakout sessions. Susan offers presentations around general themes, but always seeks information about the specifics of any session and tailors her remarks for maximum impact.



To inquire about booking Susan for your next event, please complete the information below:

These presentations are ideal for women of all ages and all stages of life!

Petra Petry

One of the things I loved about Susan’s presentation is that it has remained with me – I keep thinking about ideas and suggestions she shared. For me, her message wasn’t just inspiring; her message touched my heart and now I am motivated me to discover more and live more of life!

Petra Petry

What Is Your Super Power and Are You Holding it Hostage?

superpowerDo you have fears, anxiety and doubt that manifests in various ways? Most everyone does and these manifestations can sabotage our dreams, desires, and aspirations. It’s time to come face-to-face with what’s holding you back so you can get what you want in business, relationships and life. In this presentation, you will:

  1. Discover what is holding you back;
  2. Uncover your confidence;
  3. Go forward with the courage and conviction that you can do it!

It’s Never Too Late to Start Being the Person You Want to Become!

startAre you tired of waiting for your turn, for your spot in the sun, your big aha? Here’s the good news – your time is here – right now! In this presentation you will discover short, fast, and efficient methods to become the person you’ve dreamed of being. Whether you’re in corporate America or a spectacular 200 sq. ft. over-sized closet of an office in the back bedroom, mother or grandmother, doer or visionary, there is so much more of you to share with the world!

  1. Achieve a new appreciation for your talents, skills and gifts;
  2. Embrace your super power and all the perks that go with it;
  3. A new definition for success;

I know things about you…

knowingThings like

  • you may feel trapped in a career you hate…
  • you’re unhappy in your relationships…
  • each day you’re on auto-pilot
  • you’re beyond busy and yet feel an emptiness in your life?

The common denominator in each of these examples is you. Don’t despair – there is hope, goods news and a solution. The key to unlocking the answers also is within you – yes y hold the key and in this presentation, you’ll learn how to use the key to shift your thinking, transform your perspective and open the doors to opportunity. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought and then I experienced the fabulous results and you can too!

Linda Duffy

Please know how much our group appreciated your presentation. I continue to receive great feedback.

Linda Duffy
Judi Perkins

That was terrific! I learned a so much. Great illuminating presentation! Let’s do it again sometime.

Judi Perkins

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