• The Comma Club

    Do you pay attention to the punctuation in your life? I love handbags and occasionally indulge in strolling through the handbag department at some major department stores and boutiques. The price of some these bags is shocking – the price has a comma! It astonishing – the price could be a monthly house payment, a

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  • Remember the 30-second BMW

    Recently, two dear friends and I were having a conversation where I was introduced to a new expression: “Remember the 30-second BMW”. Being a BMW driver, it captured my attention. “What is the 30-second BMW?” I asked. There was some chuckling and a short pause before my friend said – “It means you have 30-seconds

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  • What is Your Potential?

    Seriously, ask yourself this question: “What is my potential?” Let’s start with a definition – I’m a big Webster Dictionary fan: –adjective 1. possible, as opposed to actual: 2. capable of being or becoming: –noun 1.possibility; potentiality: 2. a latent excellence or ability that may or may not be developed. In the question, potential is

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