Are you bored with your life?

There was a time in my life when my answer to that question would have been a resounding yes! Absolutely! It’s not that there was anything glaringly wrong; rather, it felt more like everything was blah. I’d lost the zest for life that had been my driving force. My hunger for fulfillment, deeper meaning and rich experiences had, over time, been replaced with thoughts like, “That’s OK, I’ll pass on that” or “It’s not a great time right now,” or (and this was the clincher) “I can’t do that because I never have done that.” When I realized what I was saying to myself as well as others, I was shocked. I sounded old, boring and resigned.

Then the universe sent me a powerful message: My life wasn’t boring; I was boring.

Ouch – thank you, universe, and that one really hurts! The pain of that awareness became my motivation to change. Pain can be a great motivator and a terrific deterrent. I was motivated to get out of the pain and equally inspired to keep that pain at bay.

Can you relate to this feeling of being bored with what is and yet not knowing what to do to break free of the boredom? If so, here are a few suggestions that just might help you find that vibrant, engaging, curious person who wants to feel the warmth of sunshine on her face and a gentle breeze with the fragrance of apple blossoms.

  1. Invite her to come out of hiding. Ask yourself, what is one thing, one action you can take that will ignite your fire to burn brightly? What is one activity you can engage in with all of your senses? Keep asking the questions and making a list – more answers will come, as long as you remain open to receiving the messages.
  2. Look at your calendar for the next week and commit to doing one of the activities each day that was revealed in step one.
  3. Invite your friend(s), spouse, significant other to join you. You may not be the only person in your sphere of influence that is feeling this way. Share your determination, and invite them on your adventure.
  4. Brainstorm with yourself and others for ideas about things, experiences, discoveries you would like to do, feel and experience. Keep your list alive by adding to it daily. You’ll be shocked at what you can do to rekindle your zest for life.

These are a few of the steps I took on my trek back to living a vibrant, adventuresome life. Not only did my boringness disappear — as if by magic, there also was newfound energy in my relationships, my desires and my willingness to engage on an entirely new level of living.

You’ve often heard me say the most exciting adventure of my life has been the journey inward. It’s an adventure that is never-ending and never boring! More on that later.

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Quote to ponder:

“I take it, since you sought to change matters, I was the one you found boring.” Emma Wildes


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Question to Ponder:

What action are you willing to take to chase the boringness from your life?



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