Susan Bock asks Are you Bi-Lingual?

Susan Bock asks Are you bi-lingual?
What language(s) do you speak fluently? People who are bi-lingual, even multi-lingual have quite an advantage in today’s world market. It occurred to me, when listening to two ‘techies’ conversing, that they have their own language, and then I realized many professions have their own language. Taking that thought one step further, I reflected on the ‘languages’ I speak, and they are not all ‘friendly’ or conducive to success. What does your success language say to you? Is it encouraging, supportive and inspiring? Is the message you receive one that compels you to move beyond, around and over the obstacles standing between you and your success? I challenge you to create a language that will carry you to your goals, that will help you achieve success and one that you can happily share with others – you may have to teach them your language! Be bi-lingual in your passion, career, and purpose.


Author: Susan Bock

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