Susan Bock- Are you a Procrastinator?

Susan Bock asks if you are an Expert Procrastinator?

Are you an expert procrastinator? To answer that question truthfully, I would have to say yes. When I don’t want to do something, I can find all sorts of reasons not to do whatever it is, and I can be equally persuasive, creative and inventive when I want to do something. So, yes, I am an expert at finding reasons to do or not do what is at hand. Praise, success, accomplishment, achievement is the reward for this trait when it is in the positive. The reverse however, is as liability associated with laziness. In essence, this means the same skill set is an asset and a liability. Which side of the ledger wins, is the real test. Which side of your ledger is winning – liability or asset?


Author: Susan Bock

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