I’m Susan Bock and I’m here to help you stop working for your business and start having your business work for you so you have the freedom to live, laugh and love your life.

Want to read my “official” bio? Of course you do – sort of! Don’t worry, it’s short. The more interesting version is below!

Susan Bock is a leader in the field of creating transformational results for women entrepreneurs who are working way too hard for less-than-desired results. Her clients range from solo-preneurs who are struggling to find their next client to the seasoned entrepreneur who needs to scale her business up or down. She has helped thousands of women business owners since starting her business in 2001.

She is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and has been featured in major media sources such as Entrepreneur magazine, Huffington Post and Women Entrepreneurs. Her blog posts and “TV Tuesday” program has attracted thousands of subscribers from around the globe.

Hi, I’m Susan – Alchemist, Revolutionary and saucy bottle redhead with highlights that are in keeping with the season such as pumpkin and eggplant – totally fun, unexpected and gives a boost to the WOW factor!

What lights me up every day? Working with women entrepreneurs who are ready to stop working 24/7 for disappointing results and start having a business and a life they love! Yes, you can have both!

I’m curious, does this sound familiar?

  • Your business has taken over your life and you have no time or energy to live.
  • You struggle every day to find peace in the midst of all demands on your time.
  • You dream of having a profitable business AND time to enjoy life and living.

You are not alone – that’s exactly where I was several years ago and that’s where most of my clients are when they find me. You’re sick and tired of the 50-60-70 hour week with abysmal results that aren’t close to what you dreamed of earning. I hear you, totally understand your dilemma and I appreciate that you’re here, looking for a solution. Congratulations for being willing to explore rather than just doing more and more of the same and still not getting the results you desire and deserve!

Very simply, my genius is helping you navigate out of the quicksand of not enough, of constantly struggling to carve out time for yourself, and being so weary of the daily grind that it’s robbing you of your passion. When you and I come together, I help you design and implement a new way of “being in business” that monetizes your unique gifts, minimizes the amount of time you spend working and maximizes your financial, freedom and fun factor! How cool is that?

Together we design a business architecture (did you know you have one – even if it’s by default?) that’s aligned with your core values, relies on your core strengths and supports the life and lifestyle you dream of living. The magic happens when passion and profit co-exist so you can prosper in all aspects of your life.

I believe you and only you  hold the key to unlocking the success you crave.

You came into this world with talents, skills, gifts and the dream of a life you’d like to live. The path you’ve chosen is to build a business that fits your dream life – the life where you have freedom and are truly satisfied.

I believe you can do that when you know how to clear away some obstacles that are in your way … normal, human things like self-doubt, resistance, procrastination, uncertainty, overwhelm, lack of clarity, oh and let’s not forget – information overload and the dreaded what will people think!

All these things can be banished from your future – not just “maybe for other people” – by YOU, too. Really – this is where I say “If I can do it (which I did) then you can too! And when you let go of each of the obstacles that are frustrating your success – one at a time – you will unlock the incredible business and life you were meant to have.

I believe in the possibilities the future holds for you.

Wherever you’re starting from, you can learn to effectively manage your business (and yourself) in a way that’s true to yourself, your values and your soul AND get real, measurable results that you can see in your profits.

As you work on utilizing all the resources you have within, you’ll gain confidence, clarity and consistency. As you grow, your business will too, so you can do all the things that may seem out of reach or impossible right now. The truth is they are much closer than you think.

It starts with mindset.

Launching, growing or redesigning your business can be an exhilarating, empowering, enlightening journey when your mindset is aligned with your dreams. And, it can be a total nightmare when you’re mindset and dreams are out of alignment. Get the right thoughts and beliefs in place and the possibilities will blow you away – it’s not just that anything can happen,
EVERYTHING can happen.

The future version of you has confidence, drive, money and freedom that you can’t see at the moment because you’re just beginning the journey to becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

I believe we can have a good time together. Come hang out and stay a while.

While you’re here, I hope you’ll check out all the free tools, resources, and training that’s available to you on the Resources tab. You’ll find inspiration as well as guidance that will help you shift your mindset, streamline your thinking and connect with your inner guidance system that will become your trusted adviser so that you can have the business and life you always dreamed of having.