Meet Susan and Get Inspiration!

susan-bockThe best guides have traveled the trail before. Susan is no stranger to this journey. Now a successful speaker and coach with deep intuition and self-direction, Susan’s own experience reads like many of her client’s stories. Success and the constant speed of career, family, and community responsibilities masked a crisis of identity and led her to the brink of personal breakdown.

The path to recover her sanity led to the destination she feared most – going deep within her herself. Terrified of what she would discover and then grateful and surprised to find herself alive on the other side, Susan’s whole perspective changed – from the inside out! Relationships were built and re-built on a new foundation, measures of success redefined, and today, Susan is privileged to share her hard-won wisdom and guide her clients to creating that powerful, soulful connection so that life can be enjoyed rather than endured.

With Susan, you don’t have to worry about canned solutions or one-size-fits-all plans. Bring your own questions, your own fears, your own crisis, and sift through the fiction to find the truth about you and the beautiful life within your reach. Come journey with us…

From Susan in her own words…




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